best iphone APP


Well this has to be my favourite app at the moment, i use it to save almost everything, i see it has my personalised mini version of google, everything gets popped in there from the gym timetable to schematic diagrams and whats great about it is the ability to do text recognition from pictures via the evernote server, there is so much you can do with this app, its built in to most other apps for the ease of saving information, they also have a neat web clipper add on for your browser to make it real easy to clip info, you can also email stuff directly into a folder with tags for super fast retrieval .






nosey appFacebook

Facebook does not seem to be going any where fast, with the ease of logging on via the apps it has become something we do to kill time, log in and have a nosey at what every ones been up to, i preferred to call it the ” the nosey app” some of the latest changes do not seem to have gone down well with end users.









radio app


This app is great for listening to live radio, i found it to have the most features out of all the radio apps, you can search for local news, local sport or by location or language, it has podcasts and the ability to add custom urls, it works on 3g as well as wifi and has a neat counter so you know how much data is being sucked up, been using this for a while now and it very rarely crashes









track delivery appPosted

I use this app quite a lot as i sell on ebay and amazon, i like the ease of adding a tracking number via the camera with barcode reader, it supports over 130 service providers, it also has push notification to alert you when i parcel has changed its position as it arrives to its destination, its also linked to google maps so you can see the location of your package, share delivery status via email which is handy for keeping clients in the loop








best weight loss appMy fitness pal

When i came across this app i was so please with it, the amount of stuff you can do with it and its free, the database for searching for foods is massive and the scanner for barcodes works flawlessly and to date has found all products i have searched for, there is also the ability to add friends so they can see your progress and give you support which when losing weight is a key element, my fitness pal also learns from the user, we tend to eat a lot of the same foods, so this app remembers these foods and keeps them at the top for ease of use and completing your dairy, there is 1,588,000 items in the database and growing







simple invoicing appInvoice2go

I run a small business and find this app very useful for processing invoices fast and efficiently, if you send 1 or 1000 invoices a month this app will do it with ease, once set up everything is predefined, it has over 300 templates to choose from, there is also a pc based version, currently none for the mac which is a bit disappointing since I’m a mac user and it is after all an app for the iPhone, this app enables me to send paperless invoices, everything sends straight from the phone to email as PDF, you can save your inventory on it which speeds up the invoicing process, click and go..