iPhone 5C Not Charging Dead

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iPhone 5C  Not Charging Dead     Do you have an iPhone 5C  not charging correctly, or not charging at all?  Well it would seem to be that your not alone with this issue and there are many many people like you, after some research on google, it seems to becoming a more common issue with the iPhone 5C, Time…

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iPad Mini retina 2 Backlight Fix

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iPad Mini Retina 2 Backlight Fix   Here is the solution for iPad Mini Retina 2 Backlight repair, below is a picture of the components to repair the backlight on Mini 2   iPad Mini Retina Backlight Fix   Above is an image of the logic board of the iPad mini 2, the first component where the green line starts…

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iPhone 5S Blue Screen Solution

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iPhone 5S Blue Screen Error 14  Error 9   Lately here at iPhoneBits we have been noticing an influx in a particular fault with the latest Apple product, the fault is  the iPhone 5S Blue screen of death fault.This problem seems to arise mostly after a screen has been changed on the device. Here at iPhone Bits we have found…

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The functionality of iPhone might become faulty when the device is brought into contact with liquids like water, coffee, or any kind of soft drinks. Apple has already announced that the organization does not cover the 1 year warranty for the liquid damaged iPhone devices. This means that any kind of service for the iPhones will not be covered by…

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There would often be more number of liquid damaged iPad cases when compared to other forms of damages. The liquid damages to these devices are commonly considered to be more dangerous as they can raise complicated issues for the device which may lead to permanent damage of the device. The intensity of the iPad damage also depends on the type…

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Troubleshooting iPad Problems

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We all face problems with our iPad devices at least once during its lifetime. It’s a great device alright but because of the rigorous usage, age or improper handling of the device, we may encounter some issues with these ipad devices. But as soon as a problem appears, one may try to troubleshoot that on their own before deciding to…

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