Blackberry repairs

Fri 18th February 2011 We are local, we are reliable and honest, and we do our best to get your iphone,ipod,blackberry fixed asap and back to you………. We now repair blackberry : storm, storm2, torch, curve to name a few, we also do HTC, Nokia and others We are the only dedicated Apple , afterRead More

Mobile Parts And Repair Belfast

Stress free Iphone repair Belfast IPhone Bits Belfast performs the highest quality iPhone repair Belfast residents will find. Here, excellent work is merged with great service at an affordable price. The skilled technicians regularly service all types on iPhones, and are capable of handling any issue that might arise. But, the people at IPhone BitsRead More

Blackberry Curve 8520 LCD connector on board pin voltages

Below is a picture of a Blackberry Curve lcd connector and what the voltage should be on a working board, the lcd on this board was 007/111   I Found this especially useful when trying to repair water damage on the blackberry curve 8520, We also carry out repairs on Blackberrys please click the linkRead More

10 Basic Blackberry Tips You Should Know!

There are a number of special features incorporated in the Blackberry OS that many users are unaware of and are only discovered as you extensively use the smartphone. Here are ten ways to simplify your use and save your precious time. Using shortcut keys to traverse your e-mail inbox: Many of you Blackberry users, whenRead More

How To Use BlackBerry Desktop Manager: For Beginners

We all know that there are thousands of users all around the world who are using BlackBerry handsets. Now, there are so many applications available for the BlackBerry users but if they are new to the platform they might get a little confused on how to install all those apps on their new BB handset.Read More

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Review

RIM introduced the BlackBerry Curve 8520 handset back in 2009. Well, the design of the device is not very different from its predecessors, as it had similar looks to the other BlackBerry handsets at the time. The only thing that is different in the BlackBerry 8520 is that it does not come with rollerball thatRead More

iOS and Android Takeover the Enterprise Market From Blackberry in 2012

We all know that Blackberry has been going through a very tough time right now but still they had their big business users that were the main consumers of the Blackberry but apparently they are not anymore. Previously, whenever you are reading any book about Wall street activity, you will find out that CEO ofRead More