Mobile Parts And Repair Belfast

Stress free Iphone repair Belfast IPhone Bits Belfast performs the highest quality iPhone repair Belfast residents will find. Here, excellent work is merged with great service at an affordable price. The skilled technicians regularly service all types on iPhones, and are capable of handling any issue that might arise. But, the people at IPhone BitsRead More

HTC Wildfire S Digitizer Connector On Board Repair Belfast

The Picture below is a broken digitiser connection on an HTC Wildfire S , if you have broken this during fitting then read on , this connector is very easily broken when changing the digitizer screen so don’t feel bad about it, and the main thing is it can be fixed Below is a pictureRead More

HTC One X: Contender or Pretender?

The popularity of Android based smartphones is on an all-time high as Apple does not only have Samsung to deal with but also the ever improving HTC. Recent market results indicate that the sales of the Apple iOS based devices have decreased in comparison to the sales of Android devices. A lot has been saidRead More

Best Android App Of 2012

In this article, we are going to introduce you to some latest Android apps of 2012. Following are 7 best apps you can use to carry out different tasks. Read on to know more about these apps. aDownloader Scores of BitTorrent clients are available on the Internet today but aDownloader offers better performance. The downloaderRead More

The First HTC Windows Handset – HTC 8X

HTC’s first venture into the Windows Mobile handset market could be street named as HTC 8X according to leaked reports. The device was previously being referred to as the HTC Accord. The reports broke out in the form of tweets that claimed to show the front page of the 8X’s quick guide manual. There isRead More