iPad Error 53 Fix & Solutions

iPhone and iPad Error 53 what is error 53? Error 53 occurs when trying to update your iPhone with non genuine Apple home button or non genuine Apple iPad Air 2 LCD/Screen . The models affected are: iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus iPad Air 2 Apple iPad AirRead More


There would often be more number of liquid damaged iPad cases when compared to other forms of damages. The liquid damages to these devices are commonly considered to be more dangerous as they can raise complicated issues for the device which may lead to permanent damage of the device. The intensity of the iPad damageRead More

Troubleshooting apple device problems

Apple’s iPhone is one of the most extensively used mobile phone in the world. Its high quality performance, abundant features and advanced technology has made the device a huge success and with the release of every newer version of the iPhone device, its reputation grew bigger. Users would face very limited number of issues withRead More

Solution to iPad Backlight Problems

A COMMON PROBLEM: One of the most common problems faced by the users of the iPad device is its backlight problem. The backlight of any device enables the users to see the contents on the screen. So, if there’s any damage to this backlight, even though the device is working fine, users would be unableRead More

Fixing the iPad problems

It is not required to bring a problematic iPad to a service or repair center every time. Users can troubleshoot most of the problems with simple but careful techniques. Let us look at some common iPad problems that can be easily fixed by the users themselves. When you think that your iPad is working slowerRead More

Ipad 2 repair belfast by iPhone Bits Ltd

    If your reading this Blog you have most likely broken your iPad 2 glass/ screen or lcd, or maybe your Ipads power button / volume button has stopped responding- if so, lets get you some help! We are based a few minutes from Belfast and carry these repairs out same day the appointmentRead More

iPad 2 Digitizer connector repair on board belfast

Well if you have found this blog about Ipad 2 connector on motherboard you are in the stew, the good thing here is? We can repair any connector damage you have made on your iPad, Below is a picture of and iPad 2 with the connector removed and ready for a new one to beRead More

IPad 3 Digitizer screen repair

Below are some pictures on an iPad 3 that had a broke Digitizer, this one had a screen replacement done on it, sometimes when the glass has been damaged it is better to replace the LCD also if there is any marks on it from the glass breaking As you can see that is notRead More