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The iPhone 6 Bendgate Issue – Probable Solution

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iPhone 6 has constantly been in the news since its release. While the first week was naturally more about the demand and hot-cake sales of the product, the later weeks were not really in favor of the device. The iPhone 6 “Bendgate” issue has become one of the most trending topics across the gadget world and Apple has been receiving…

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The functionality of iPhone might become faulty when the device is brought into contact with liquids like water, coffee, or any kind of soft drinks. Apple has already announced that the organization does not cover the 1 year warranty for the liquid damaged iPhone devices. This means that any kind of service for the iPhones will not be covered by…

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Troubleshooting apple device problems

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Apple’s iPhone is one of the most extensively used mobile phone in the world. Its high quality performance, abundant features and advanced technology has made the device a huge success and with the release of every newer version of the iPhone device, its reputation grew bigger. Users would face very limited number of issues with this renowned device. But users…

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IPhone Repairs and Services

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It’s the age of iPhone mobile. Even the desktops have become kind of outdated. People look for portability, compatibility and simplicity in all kinds of devices.  We must be surprised if we find a well-earning person without a mobile. It has become such an important part of life that it’s difficult to spend at least one day without it. The…

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IPHONE SCREEN REPAIRs IPhones are great, but they’re not bullet proof. If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to drop yours onto a pavement or hard surface it’s quite possible that you’ve suffered a screen break. You might think you can live with a cracked screen, but you’re likely to see internal problems develop if an iPhone screen repair isn’t done…

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