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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this is no, insurance companies will not insure damaged device for a new value, they value it at scrap value as its damaged

If you need your iPad repaired, you can give us a call or bring it in to us for help with identifying the model or you can check out this guide by Apple 

In Short, we Repair every model, the only thing that stops us sometimes is the fact that parts are not always available for cheaper models of devices.

If you are wanting a price for a repair and are not sure which model of iPhone you have, then give us a call and we will help identity  the model. alternatively you can check this link where Apple has written a guide to help you with this Guide to identify iPhone

When it comes to quality of parts, we always get the best quality available, in some cases there will be a cheaper alternative which we would always offer to the customer and advise why its cheaper, With our high quality parts we offer a 3 month warranty and if we offer a cheaper alternative we  can not also offer warranty with these kind of parts.

We operate a NO FIX NO FEE POLICY, so if we can not repair your device you can pick it up without charge, if it has been sent to us via the post then you would be asked to pay for special delivery for the item to be returned securely .

Yes we do unlock all brands of mobile phone from any network, if you require this unlocking service then give us a call and we will be happy to advise on turnaround times and costs.

So you have just dropped your phone in the sink or your toddler has thrown it down the toilet and you are here finding out what to do next, right?  Ok we can help with that, DO NOT put it in rice and leave it on top of a radiator, this is a myth and does not work, heating it with a hair dryer would help more... The best thing to do is turn it of . Keep it off. Do not try to charge... bring it to us and our techs will be happy to take over from there.

Here at Hiko we never intentionally wipe anyone's device and if we  needed to restore and wipe the device we always check this with customer first, it is 100% recommended that a device is backed up fully before going in for an repair, it is silly not to as backing  up is made so easy in our modern technology age. Examples of cool apps for keeping things backed up: Gmail - this will back up your contacts and notes for  free and they can be downloaded onto any smartphone with out issues of crossing between IOS and Android. Google Photo app - this app will back up all your pictures at a standard quality for free, no limits, these can also be viewed from a computer via your gmail account, your device syncs with the cloud eveytime you log onto WIFI so as not to waste your 4g Data. Whatsapp - This messaging app makes a full backup of all messages sent via it, i use this personally and its great.   Thats the main sentimental things covered that we worry about losing. Apps and music that have been purchased can be re downloaded from google store or IOS store for free as they know they have been purchased on your account before.

So if you haven't already noticed we fix: phones, tablets,computers and pretty much everything to do with technology from A all the way down to Z. Well apart from that thing that your grandma gave to you in 1991 because she got it for cheap at the car boot sale. Any ways we believe that we are at the top of the tree in the UK and are willing to give you a great quality repair and nothing else unless you want to buy a: phone,tablet,case,screen protector,speaker although the options may vary a little bit it's first come first serve.One more thing we also sell contracts for 02 EE BT   also my name is Darwin I am ten years old and my dad is Darren the founder of Hiko LTD and he let me write this on my own Yay

We aim to have all basic repairs turned around within 1 hour, these include repairs like

  • Screen Replacement
  • Not Charging
  • Camera fault
  • New Housing
  • Battery Replacement
This 1 Hour includes a full test of the device (we need passcodes to be left for this test) , The more complex repairs like logic board repair, may take a bit longer meaning 1 day to 7 days and in some extreme cases a repair can take as long as 2 weeks, this would be for an awkward repair that we have maybe taken in a lot of on the particular week your device is in for repair. We try to limit this and you are free to call us at any stage for updates.

Payment is taken after the repair is complete, if its a pick up repair then we take card payments and cash, if its a post in repair which we get a lot of then we take the card payment and also accept paypal payments. On some occasions we may ask for deposits if the parts are expensive and unique.

We have a great success rate with repairing water damage devices, overall around 70% success with the iPhone 4 iPhone 5 iPhone 6 being some of the most successful devices to repair with liquid damage,  Obviously every case is different. We find once repaired from liquid damage successfully, we usually do not see the device in our store again for the same fault  If we can not repair the device there is no charges unless it has been posted you would have to pay postage cost back.

We cannot guarantee a device will be water proof after a repair has been carried out on it,   I feel that some of the devices are not that water proof to start with, as we get them in for water damage repair.