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iPhone 11 Pro Repair Costs

  • Total Cost: £ 0.00

Screen Soft OLED

£ 220.00

Screen Hard OLED

£ 180.00

Software Issues

£ 25.00

Water Damage

£ 25.00*

Front Camera

£ 55.00

Rear Camera

£ 95.00

Not Charging

£ 55.00

Rear Glass Replace

£ 80.00


£ 45.00


£ 55.00

Other Repair

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iPhone 11 Pro repair Belfast

iPhone 11 Pro repair Belfast, if you have be unlucky enough to damage or smash the  OLED screen  on your iPhone 11 Pro then give us a shout as we can help, if your repair not listed then contact us

We are in Northern Ireland and also offer a post in repair services, we are based a few miles from the heart of Belfast.If you are getting more than one repair to the same device then we will discount the other repairs,

Before you bring in your iPhone for repair, please make sure to back it up via iCloud or iTunes, for the latest updates why not follow us on Facebook