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Has the broken screen on your new iPhone 4 left you feeling shattered? Though we try to protect our iPhones as much as possible, sometimes accidents happen which cause the screen to break. As annoying as this can be, its not the end of the world, there is a solution! Send your broken iPhone tour repair centre for a complete screen replacement (including LCD) . Here at iPhone Bits Ltd, we are well practised at repairing your iPhone 4, along with any problems you may be having with your device, Bringing Your iPhone Back To That Out Of The Box Feeling At iPhone Bits Ltd Belfast, we know the pain of holding your broken phone. That’s why we have certified technicians to take care of these problems quickly and efficiently . So when you get your iPhone back from iPhone Bits, it will be just like the first day you opened it. We have a turn around time for iPhone 4 screen of 1 Hour from drop of and we are available 7 days a week For an unbeatable quote please give us a call on