iPhone 5C Digitizer Not Working And Lines On Screen

iPhone 5c lines on screen

If you have recently changed the screen on your iPhone 5C and you are now facing the problem of “Dead Touch Screen” or white vertical lines, then you may well  have damaged the Digitiser connector on the Logic board, the connector is very soft and easily damaged, even when you look at the connector, it may look ok but the only sure way to tell if its damaged and this is causing the issue, is to replace it.

iPhone 5C Touch Screen Not Responding

This issue can of course be caused by other faults, you might face this issue even if you have not attempted to repair the screen on your iPhone 5C, it may also happen after water damage, Sometimes it can be bad components in the touch circuit causing this problem.

The first and easiest thing to do is to try another screen, if this does not work then the next easiest thing is to change the digitizer connector on the logic board.

Why The Lines Are Caused And The Dead Touch Screen

iPhone 5C digitizer connector

When you damage the connector on the logic board for the digitiser, you will get white vertical lines on the screen, the touch will not work, the reason for the lines is that the display circuitry lines runs the touch circuit, so its common with the 5C to have a display issues like vertical lines if the touch screen is not responding.

We Offer a service to replace the connector on the iPhone 5c – iPhone 5C vertical lines and no touch screen

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