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iPhone 5S Blue Screen Error 14  Error 9

iphone 5s blue screen of death


Lately here at iPhoneBits we have been noticing an influx in a particular fault with the latest Apple product, the fault is  the iPhone 5S Blue screen of death fault.This problem seems to arise mostly after a screen has been changed on the device. Here at iPhone Bits we have found out why……

iPhone 5S Blue Screen, How It Happens

Anytime we have seen this issue, or if we have had a call about this issue, the question we ask is “has this handset been worked at?” the answer is always YES. When we see a fault being reported more than once, we then  make it our business to find out why this fault is happening and is there a solution! When we get asked if we can repair this fault, we ask the customer some questions:

  • Have you had a repair carried out on this device?
  • Does your iPhone 5S  reboot and go to iTunes restore window?
  • When you turn on your iPhone 5s  does it Boot  Loop?
  •  After Blue screen fault, when you restore on iTunes do you get error 9 or error 14?  

So a quick summary. We now know that this fault is caused by Wrong Screw Placement, or failed “self repairs” .

iPhone 5S Screen Replacement Process 

So the screen repair on an iPhone 5S is not really that hard to achieve for an experienced Technician. Without going into the quality of screens and the difference between a cheap screen and an expensive original screen, we will just look at the repair process.Here is an excellent guide from iMore on how to change your iPhone 5S screen . once you have had a look at the link, we will explain where this blue screen fault all goes wrong!

How This Issue Happens


iPhone 5S shield

When you carry out a screen repair  on the iPhone 5S, there is a shield which need to be removed,  this shield covers the LCD cable, Proximity sensor cable and the touch screen digitiser cable. This shield  is fixed to the board of the 5S to stop the cables being dislodged easily by a drop. This was a common issue in older iPhone models and this is the reason the shield has been put in place. Now you can see from the image above that these screws are all individual and should be put back in the same slot they came out of.

The Fault 

Ok, so when you remove this shield , we have realised that the screws need to be placed back in the same place that they came out from. Failure to do so will result in THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH, Below is an image of the offending screw that causes this issue

iPhone 5s blue screen boot loop

As you can see the RED marked screw is the shortest, so if you put the wrong screw in this slot, it will definitely result in damaging the logic board (BLUE SCREEN LOOP) if you put one of the BLUE or YELLOW marked screws in the RED marked slot, it may result in irreversible damage. the GREEN screw is easy to tell apart if you get them mixed up as its not magnetised.

The picture above you can see the red circle around one of the screws that holds the shield in place, this screw is 1.2mm #ooo phillips head, it needs removed to carry out an iPhone 5S screen repair. If you put the wrong screw in this slot then your iPhone will be TOAST, the screw that holds this shield  in place is a  different size, and when fitted in wrong place the result is BLUE SCREEN, in the next image you will see what happens when the wrong screw is placed in the wrong slot

 The Cause Of Fault

The next image will show a close up image of this screw mount that has been subject to the wrong screw being fitted in its slot , it looks quite messy, the reason this is ! The screw was to long and has actually screwed right into the logic board and destroyed the layers of the logic board, (did you know that the iPhone 5S has 10 layers on the logic board)

iPhone 5S blue screen rebootThe Next image will show the damage that has been caused clearer, what we have done here is scraped down into the layers of the logic board to find the damaged layers and tracks so we can repair them

iPhone 5S blue screen fixAs you can see there is 7 tracks here, 6 of them have been damaged by the wrong screw being fitted into the wrong slot and this is what causes the

blue screen of death with iPhone 5S

Beware This Can Also Happen With The iPhone 6

Can it Be Repaired?

Here at iPhone Bits we have successfully repaired this issue by repairing the logic board tracks, obviously every case is individual and we would need to see it to assess if it can be repaired, but we maintain the following . If we cannot repair it then its not repairable . Here at iPhone Bits we pride ourselves on the fact that we can repair faults that no other repair centre will be able to do. This is the force that drives us on and makes us spend the time researching these faults and not giving up until we find the fault, and can offer a repair .

iphone 5s blue screen

Logic Board Repairs

We also have a page for logic board repairs, please take a minute to visit this page for up to date pricing   Logic Board Repairs

If you would like help with this repair the please visit iPhone Bits


For more information about logic board repairs then click here: Logic Board Repairs

If you are sending a device in for repair then please CLICK HERE


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  • Alfie Neil says:

    Hello, i have an iPhone 5S that has blue screen issue, it happened after i smashed the screen, i left it into a repair centre and when i got it back they said it was not repairable, do you think this is the issue with mine?

    • darren says:

      Hi Alfie, thanks for your comment, if you give us a call to arrange booking it in, we can have a look at it for you, we do not charge for diagnosis, if we can repair, we will give you a costing 07731446515

  • Chris says:

    I have had this happen previously except the blue screen would disappear when reopening the lcd as though it was shorting or the pressure was causing the bsod.

    • darren says:

      Hi Chris, maybe it was taking pressure of the tracks that where shorting when the screen is removed. its so easy to make this error and put screw in wrong place!

  • Ross O Donnell says:

    can you quote me to repair 2 iphone 5s with itunes error 14 please. I’m based in Ireland but can ship overnight to you if needs be. Thanks


  • Elvis says:

    hey Darren,
    I keep getting error 14 when updating my 5S , i have iTunes and everything else up to date. Could it be hardware problems? I’ve already spent almost $450 on it and I don’t want to spend anymore, please get back at me ASAP

  • Nick says:

    Hi, I think I have got the blue screen of death on an iphone 5s.
    I am in Australia. Can you give me a ball park figure for cost of repair please ?

  • Kevin says:

    Hey Darren,
    This has happened to me today during a screen repair. I have been doing repairs for years and take pride in my work and its quality. I also have noticed since the release of the iphone 5 its important to put the plates screws back in the same place you take them from or random issues occur. I mention this because I don’t believe its possible that I put these screws back in the wrong place unless there was a freak accident. Is there any other possibility or fix you can suggest I look into? I of course tried the basics, different screen, original screen, battery, dock, frame, restore etc.

  • Steve Vigus says:

    Thanks for sharing this information with the repair community. It looks like your repair will be beyond the capability of many technicians. I will send people your way if they seem to have created this problem.

  • Rain Lee says:

    Thanks for this Post Man ! Right on – saved my bacon !

    I took the screw out and the phone was fine. I thought for a minute I had destroyed it. Its working 100% fine now. From now on I’ll keep an eye on those 4 screws. they all looked the same when I popped them out.

    Thank You !!!

  • Olav Hetland Vik says:

    Got the same problem here. How long time would it take you to fix this, and how expensive? Lives in Norway.

  • Olav Hetland Vik says:

    Got the same problem… I have sent you an e-mail, but hasn’t got answer. Needs fast answer. Please contact.

  • john says:

    hi Daren .zrry for my bad english,i speak spanish ,portugues, maybe spanglish ,but i have same problem iphone 5s A1457, i changed 2 lcd but nathing Win error 14.Mac error 9.
    how to fix tracks i am from Chile. i buy iphone in retail january 2014.tec-services dont make this.
    congratl….for your jobs.

  • Andrzej says:

    Hello. I have fixed already one iPhone 5s with broken tracks and it works, thx for solution, but second one also have blue screen and continous restart but the mainboard is ok at last under the both screws. Where to look. Screen is ok because it’s work ok in the first one that i have repair. best regards

  • Ibk says:

    hello darren; thank you so much for your detailed technical breakdown of the issue. Am in the same box but unfortunately i wasn’t the one who opened the 5s initially…couple of people seems have had a go at it before it got to me as the last hope. Have also tried restoring without the screen affixed and still error 14 as suggested in some forums. Now my main problem is that am in nigeria , please is there a way you can help me out on this issue now? You can also reply me via email . Thank you

  • cimi says:

    but how cost to repair this problem ?

  • Adam says:

    I haven’t had any repairs done on my 5S I just tried to update to IOS 8 earlier, the update failed and ever since my phone has been stuck in a boot loop resulting in a blue screen then just rebooting again and the same happening and so on, do you have any ideas on how it can be resolved, i am unable to even get it into recovery mode

  • jose says:

    Hi Darren! I am from spain, I got this problem I put a wrong screws on a wring hole.. So maybe the leads are bad. Can I send the iphone or in Spain will be repair? Thanks so much! I hope your answer

  • Dr Mohanned A Disher says:

    I have bought a second hand iPhone 5s with iOS 7, then I upgraded it to ISO 8, during that a blue screen with error 9 or 14 happened.
    I couldn’t fix it even with i tunes.
    Can you help me, please

  • Amir says:

    hi,i changed my iphone 5s screen and after turning on blue screen and restarting problem .
    what can i do for fixing this ?
    plz help me !!! 🙁

  • Mak says:

    Hi I’m in France how I can fix that problem alone?

    Thank you

  • bahadour says:

    hi i have iphone 5S wen tern on iphone first apple logo after 2 sec blue screen dark blue going to defu mode auto after restoring error 9 >> ?? iphone befor cover and lcd brok ful down u can help me about this soulition >?tnx

  • John says:

    can u fix my logic board if I seen it to u can u give me details
    Do u sell 5s boards cheers

  • Callum Yorke says:

    Hi Darren, tried to replace a screen for a friend on 5s and getting apple logo for about 30 seconds then blue screen. Screen then flashes off then back to apple logo. Thought I had put screws in right place but panicking now cause it’s not my phone. Could you fix it please ? Thanks, Callum.

  • Dude says:

    ive had no blue screen but after i installed a new screen 5s.. the bluetooth call audio didnt work..
    everthing works great but i cant hear the other person.. this is with all bluetooth devices.. bt car hands- no call audio
    BT headphones- no call audio..
    can email me if u had this before or shall i call you?

  • Gabriel says:

    Hey IBK were you able to repair it?. im in Comp village lagos and i just had the same issue too.

  • Boris says:


    A technician was doing a battery change on iPhone 5s. After that a blue screen appeared. What I noticed, is that the lcd screws and shield weren’t removed by the technician, therefore the whole work was done with screen being up, but not taken off. What do you think, can that cause a problem? or what might be the cause? Before, the iPhone was functioning as always, despite the buttery going quickly down.

  • gandhi says:

    hello there,

    I have the same problem. Error 9 in iTunes after got repaired.
    I’m on Indonesia, is it possible to send the device to you?

    hope to hear your response.


  • wael says:


    I have got same problem how i solve it in Saudi arabia ?


  • Alex says:

    Hi, I believe i may have this issue, however i dont get a blue screen, i get a red screen. Do you know if the red screen means the same problem or not? Thanks

  • Yoon says:

    I had iTunes Error Code 9 right after replacing the iPhone 5s Screen. I thought, it may time for me buying new iPhone 6 finally. This article saved me from inserting wrong screws for cover where dimmer, camera, and lcd cable locates. Yes! it did fixed my issue, and finally DFU recover doesn’t prompt the error code 9 and installed correctly. NICE!

  • Markus says:

    THANK YOU so much!!!!!

    I exchanged the battery of my wife’s iPhone 5S. And had the bluescreen and Error 14 issue! I thought, now she will killing and I prayed to god. And he send me the link to your website!

    THANK YOU again! I thought my life was over!

    Best wishes from Germany!

  • shelbie says:

    hey, i not long ago got my iphone 5s screen repaired and all it does is loads onto a blue screen after the apple logo doesnt connect to itunes to restore it or anything!

  • Hello, I have iPhone 5s 16GB with error 14 and blue screen during restore. Can it be fixed and for how much money? Thank you a lot, you are my last hope.

  • darren says:

    At present we are unable to take anymore blue screen repairs in until further notice as we are swamped with them lately.

  • darren says:

    Hello, we are unable to take these repairs in until further notice, if you send me an email i might be able to give you details of someone in Australia that can help

  • Nick says:

    I found if I removed all screws and did a DFU reset all was good. Hope this helps other like minded fixers out there, there is no logical reason for apple to place the tracks under the screw other than to try and f us guys up, if you read the autobiography you will understand more than anything this is his aim. he hates us for fixing broken i things. together we will find a way. one for all! I started out because they wanted £150 to fix siri it cost me £4 it was a simple fix!
    I have found Blue screen seems to come more from the flex cable of the earpiece proximity etc. try to be very careful with this!

    • darren says:

      Thanks for info Nick, i have noticed sometimes they come out of blue screen when in DFU mode, some stay out some go back after a few days / weeks. the problem with the sensor cable that causes the blue or more normally a red screen is the auto light sensor. if you look closely it is a blueish little square beside the camera and quite often folk chip or damage this when reinstalling this cable causing blue or red screen. these are all good points to check before assuming you have damaged the tracks. another thing that can cause the blue screen is the damage of a an IC directly below the rear camera connector on the board, i think from memory its the U6 IC, if this is damaged you will also get a blue screen. DAM i hate blue screen 🙂

  • Simon says:

    What is DFU ? I too have BSOD !!!

  • anon says:

    Hi, this is very useful info from this site & everyone, thanks. What I dont understand is are these screw placement locations accurate? are you sure the yellow circle screw is 1.7mm size? I ask because that is a long screw & that location (yellow circle) is also directly on mainboard/logicboard. I took a 5S apart the other day & I found only one long (1.7mm) screw – the other three were 1.2mm or 1.3mm.

  • Tex says:


    I had blue screen after an iPhone 5S cracked screen repair from a reputable local iPhone repair shop. That was $80 USD. I took it home to restore from backup and had the classic blue screen / reboot symptoms, plus an occasional rare momentary red screen. I returned to the repair shop not knowing what caused it and the repair tech said they would try an OEM screen replacement part instead, but they ha to order it. 4 days later, I picked up my iPhone and the tech said, “don’t restart or backup the phone for 10 days.”

    Question: Why would my iPhone 5S need to not be restarted or backed up for 10 days?

    Question: What should I say to the tech at the iPhone repair shop?

    I got home and searched blue screen & iPhone 5S and discovered this insightful explanation.

    Thank you so much! – Tex

    • darren says:

      Hi Tex, sorry to hear about your problems, please try replacing the front facing camera flex and restore and see if you still have this issue. No need to wait 10 days, this will make no difference at all !!

  • Stacey Hudd says:

    Help? Have changed battery when connecting to charger it buzzes but won’t turn on any ideas ? 🙁

  • Adry says:

    Hi Darren, my Iphone 5S is having the problem you described, This happened after someone changed the screen. I’m in USA, can you recommend a place in USA to take my phone?

  • Cuneo says:

    Nick is so right, I started having blue screen after I started using original earpiece..what should I do?

  • Thomas says:

    Hi I recently got a brand new screen fixed a month ago on my iPhone 5s and everything was fine until 2 days ago my phone just went to a blue screen then went to a black screen with the apple logo this happens over and over again until the phone dies and I don’t know what to do… I live in Manchester, is it fixable? If it’s fixable can I send to you? How much does it cost?

  • AD says:

    Hi. I’ve done a few screen replacements, and got both the red and blue screen problem. The red screen was fixed by replacing the sensor cable but the blue screen seems to do something strange. I was fixing a 6+ that had a cracked screen and a button cable that was cut. I tested if the new screen works after pulling the old one out. Everything seemed to look fine so I moved all the components from the old screen to the new.
    I didn’t screw the shield in before booting it up first. First try, it didn’t seemed to boot at all. I removed both the sensor and the button cable since that seemed to fix the red screen, but it still didnt boot. I took out the battery cable and connect it again and it booted with no problems. I then connected the sensor cable while the screen was off, which caused it to shut off. I booted without the home button cable but leave the sensor cable, and got the blue screen. What’s going on here?

    • darren says:

      disconnect all cables apart from the LCD , Digitizer and dock and let me know what it does?

      • AD says:

        Sorry, my bad about the second part about the red screen. I was meant to say the blue screen was fixed when only the lcd and digitizer was connected. However if I connect then disconnect the other wires, it wont boot at all unless reconnecting the battery.

  • Cyril says:

    i have the same problem with my iphone tried replacing the screen by a repairer and it happened .now my phone is having a boot loop with blue screen. im in Ghana i hope i can send it for you to fix it for me. thank you

  • Denise says:

    Hi, my phone is exactly in this situation, I just want to retrieve the photos inside my phone. is that still possible?


  • Olaf says:

    Tryed to replace lcd screen. Worked in testing then tryed to but all assambel it and then lost teh backlighting.My iphone 5s backlighting isn’t working. Device has boot loop. I entered dfu mode tryed to reset it now itunes gives error 9 ;(

  • Tasha says:

    Hiya, I’ve recently had my phone fixed due to the front screen smashing and when I brought it home it was doing a boot loop and blue screen every time it failed to boot. So then I tried to restore it but it was then coming up with an error (9). Do you think you could fix this please? Also how much would you charge?

  • abdul hameed says:

    i have a iphone 5s after screen replacement its stucked on the dfu mode
    i just tryed with itune software that time getting error 9
    how can i contact you

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