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iphone 5s blue screen of death


Lately here at iPhoneBits we have been noticing an influx in a particular fault with the latest Apple product, the fault is  the iPhone 5S Blue screen of death fault.This problem seems to arise mostly after a screen has been changed on the device. Here at iPhone Bits we have found out why……

iPhone 5S Blue Screen, How It Happens

Anytime we have seen this issue, or if we have had a call about this issue, the question we ask is “has this handset been worked at?” the answer is always YES. When we see a fault being reported more than once, we then  make it our business to find out why this fault is happening and is there a solution! When we get asked if we can repair this fault, we ask the customer some questions:

So a quick summary. We now know that this fault is caused by Wrong Screw Placement, or failed “self repairs” .

iPhone 5S Screen Replacement Process 

So the screen repair on an iPhone 5S is not really that hard to achieve for an experienced Technician. Without going into the quality of screens and the difference between a cheap screen and an expensive original screen, we will just look at the repair process.Here is an excellent guide from iMore on how to change your iPhone 5S screen . once you have had a look at the link, we will explain where this blue screen fault all goes wrong!

How This Issue Happens


iPhone 5S shield

When you carry out a screen repair  on the iPhone 5S, there is a shield which need to be removed,  this shield covers the LCD cable, Proximity sensor cable and the touch screen digitiser cable. This shield  is fixed to the board of the 5S to stop the cables being dislodged easily by a drop. This was a common issue in older iPhone models and this is the reason the shield has been put in place. Now you can see from the image above that these screws are all individual and should be put back in the same slot they came out of.

The Fault 

Ok, so when you remove this shield , we have realised that the screws need to be placed back in the same place that they came out from. Failure to do so will result in THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH, Below is an image of the offending screw that causes this issue

iPhone 5s blue screen boot loop

As you can see the RED marked screw is the shortest, so if you put the wrong screw in this slot, it will definitely result in damaging the logic board (BLUE SCREEN LOOP) if you put one of the BLUE or YELLOW marked screws in the RED marked slot, it may result in irreversible damage. the GREEN screw is easy to tell apart if you get them mixed up as its not magnetised.

The picture above you can see the red circle around one of the screws that holds the shield in place, this screw is 1.2mm #ooo phillips head, it needs removed to carry out an iPhone 5S screen repair. If you put the wrong screw in this slot then your iPhone will be TOAST, the screw that holds this shield  in place is a  different size, and when fitted in wrong place the result is BLUE SCREEN, in the next image you will see what happens when the wrong screw is placed in the wrong slot

 The Cause Of Fault

The next image will show a close up image of this screw mount that has been subject to the wrong screw being fitted in its slot , it looks quite messy, the reason this is ! The screw was to long and has actually screwed right into the logic board and destroyed the layers of the logic board, (did you know that the iPhone 5S has 10 layers on the logic board)

iPhone 5S blue screen rebootThe Next image will show the damage that has been caused clearer, what we have done here is scraped down into the layers of the logic board to find the damaged layers and tracks so we can repair them

iPhone 5S blue screen fixAs you can see there is 7 tracks here, 6 of them have been damaged by the wrong screw being fitted into the wrong slot and this is what causes the

blue screen of death with iPhone 5S

Beware This Can Also Happen With The iPhone 6

Can it Be Repaired?

Here at iPhone Bits we have successfully repaired this issue by repairing the logic board tracks, obviously every case is individual and we would need to see it to assess if it can be repaired, but we maintain the following . If we cannot repair it then its not repairable . Here at iPhone Bits we pride ourselves on the fact that we can repair faults that no other repair centre will be able to do. This is the force that drives us on and makes us spend the time researching these faults and not giving up until we find the fault, and can offer a repair .

iphone 5s blue screen

Logic Board Repairs

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