iPhone 6 Dead Not Charging U2 IC

iPhone 6 dead not charging U2

iPhone 6 Just Died And Will Not Take A Charge Or Connect To iTunes


So your iPhone 6 is Dead Not Charging just plugged it into your wall charger and it’s sill not charging or even showing the battery symbol. Have you tried to plugging it into iTunes? Did you get the exact the same response which is NOTHING. You must be thinking by now….. ” what the hell” . In reality, this happens quite a lot, below we will explain why this happens and what the causes are for iPhone 6 Dead Not Charging

So the first thing most people think is maybe its the battery or the dock connector that could be at fault. So you’ve took it to a shop and payed to have these replaced and then usually with in a few weeks the iPhone 6 is now dead again as it was before.

Usually this issue is caused by cheap non apple certified charging cables from third party suppliers the cheap cables are damaging the phones ‘u2 IC chip’. This chip basically tells the iPhone to charge itself. Original apple chargers regulate the voltage and current. Third party cables do not regulate and allows for larger variables in voltage and current this then causes the damage to the U2 iC.



First Checks – iPhone 6 – 6 Plus Soft Reset? 


Make sure your iPhone 6 has not crashed and stuck in boot mode (Dark screen) to rule out this issue please hold the home and power button for 10 seconds to make sure this simple reset is not the fault. If this is not the case then the next is to take it to a shop which is confident in doing micro ic repairs to the logic board, these types of repairs must ALWAYS be done by a trained professional as any damage can cause major issues. If your phone is suffering from this issue do not allow the phone battery percentage drop below 20% if the battery goes flat the phone might not come on again.

Fortunately you’ve came to the right place, iPhonebits is a specialised repair shop dealing in logic board repair post your device to us we can repair this andhave your device back up and running.