iPhone 7 rebooting on the apple logo – Audio problem

iPhone 7 rebooting on apple logo and having audio issues? does this sound like your iPhone 7?

Here at iPhoneBits we have noticed an influx of iPhone 7 coming in with either the earpiece and mic not working or evening rebooting on the Apple logo which is also related to an Audio problem with your iPhone 7 and this is usually caused by a sharp knock and a bang, not necessarily meaning you have broken your screen or dropped it of the top of a house, a small drop on a flat services from a few inches can cause this fault.

How To Fix This iPhone 7 Rebooting Problem

If your iPhone 7 in rebooting and you cannot get it to boot in properly here is what to do. While your iPhone 7 is rebooting connect it to iTunes, if iTunes asks you to enter the passcode on the handset then this is a sign that iTunes thinks your device is on and working perfectly normal,

Well you know its not and this is a clear sign that there is a fault on the Logic Board which requires a specialised repair using micro soldering technology. we do offer this unique service here at iPhoneBits

iPhone 7 Audio Problem

iPhone 7 audio problems, if your iPhone 7 has a fault with the earpiece and maybe the mic also then the first thing to do in this case would be to take it to a local repair shop and ask them to test the earpiece and mic to see if they are faulty, if they are not then you will need the Audio IC replaced on your iPhone 7,

When the Audio IC is faulty on the iPhone 7 it is unusual for just one audio function to not work, it will usually she itself as at least 2 or more audio functions not working.

iF changing the ear piece or the mic does not fix your issue then you are going to need a logic board repair carried out to replace this faulty IC, we also offer the service and have 100% success rate with this repair.

If you would like anymore help or information on this fault then do not hesitate to contact us by looking on this pageor giving us a call on our mobile 07731446515

iPhone 7 audio ic