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The iPhone Repairs and Services we Provide

Is  Your iPhone screen Not working? iPhoneBits now brings you the best and genuine iPhone repairs at a very cost-effective price. The repair services are available for all the models of Apple’s iPhones starting from iPhone 2G to the new iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The different repairs include battery repairs and replacement to the most complicated issues like water damages. Have a look at the various models of iPhones we repair  and browse the repair or service you wish to avail. Please, before thinking of a repair, make sure your device is backed up via iTunes or iCloud so all your information is safe. It is also advised to check your warranty with the manufacture as after a third party repair, your warranty will be void just like any product. Here at iPhoneBits, we have brought something new to the repair world of Tech which has never been seen before, The quality of our repairs are Unmatched, we our amongst a very small number of companies in the world that are able to carry out successful Logic Board Repairs, this service could save you £££ , most companies will replace your Logic board, Here at iPhoneBits, we can REPAIR IT !

We can repair your iPhone screen in 10 minutes (Fast is not always the best option) but if you want it fitted properly and the phone fully tested after fitting so there is no underlying issues, then it can take up to 1 hour to complete this repair properly. After all its an awesome Smartphone, you want the repair carried out properly ! We are now also repairing the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus .

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iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus  Screen Repairs

iPhone 6 Plus Repair Newtownabbey

The latest models of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus  , This is the largest iPhone thats be made to date with a 5.5″ screen,  resolution of 1920 x 1080 (401 psi) Both iPhone 6 range are said to over better contrast.

We cover all repairs for the iPhone 6 Plus , give us a call or look us up via Facebook to discuss iPhone Repair Costs

iPhone 6 Plus ScreenOEM Part

£ 64.99

Best Price
  • New LCD
  • Display Repairs
iPhone 6 Plus Charge port

iPhone 6 Plus Charge

£ 44.99

Not Charging
  • Dock Repairs
  • Faulty Charging
Not Charging Fix

iPhone 6 Plus Battery

£ 39.99

iPhone 6 Plus
  • Battery Life
  • Draining Fast
Battery Test

Refurbished ScreeniPhone 6 Plus

£ Out Of Stock

New Screen
  • Broken Screen
  • iPhone 6 Plus LCD
Fast Service

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 LCD Repair

iPhone 6 screen repair

The latest models of the Apple iPhone 6 , Totally redesigned shape and size, now sleaker looking than its predecessor with a 4.7″ screen 

We cover all repairs with this model, Why not give us a call to discuss iPhone Repair Costs

iPhone 6 ScreenOEM Part

£ 49.99

New Screen
  • Broken Glass
  • Display Repair
iPhone 6 Digitizer

iPhone 6 Charge

£ 34.99

Not Charging
  • Dock Repair
  • Faulty Charge
Not Charging Fix

iPhone 6 Battery

£ 34.99

New Battery
  • Battery Life
  • Draining Fast
Battery Test

Genuine LCDiPhone 6

£ 79.99

New Screen
  • Broken Screen
  • iPhone 6 LCD
Fast Service

iPhone 5S

iPhone Screen LCD Repair Cost

iPhone repair belfast

The BenchMark models of the Apple iPhone 5s repair , these have been selling like hot-cakes since their introduction into the market. Click here for more details regarding iPhone repair Belfast

Here are our iPhone 5S repairs and services, Why not give us a call to discuss iPhone Repair Costs

5S OEM ScreenWarranted

£ 39.99

New LCD Screen
  • Smashed LCD
  • New Screen Digitizer
iPhone 5S LCD

iPhone 5S Logic Board Repair

£ 54.99

Logic Board
  • Repair Service
  • Damaged Logic Board
5S logic board repair

iPhone 5S Vibrate Repair

£ 29.99

5S Vibrate Repair
  • Vibration Motor
  • No Vibrate
Click For Repair

Genuine LCDSmashed LCD

£ 59.99

Cheapest Prices
  • Best Price
  • 5S Lcd Digitiser
1 Hour Service

iPhone 5c Repairs Belfast

iPhone 5C Repair Cost

iPhone 5c fix belfast

iPhone 5c Colour range, proves very popular with kids, has much the same spec as the iPhone 5 with a whole nice range of modern colours 

Click here to know more about iPhone 5C

5C OEM ScreenWarranted Part

£ 39.99

Best Quality
  •  Fast Service
  • Fully Tested
LCD Repair

iPhone 5C Power Button Repair

£ 39.99

New Power Flex
  • Dead Power Button
  • Broken Button
5C Power Flex

5C Earpiece Repair Service

£ 29.99

Earpiece Repair
  • No Sound  On Calls
  • Dead Earpeice
Click For Fix

5C Genuine ScreenNo Warranty

£ 59.99

Repair Service
  • LCD Digitizer
  • 5S New LCD
Cheap 5C Screen

iPhone 5

iPhone Screen Repair Near Me

iPhone 5 repairs northern ireland

Recognized as the thinner and lighter than its previous models, iPhone 5 held the record of having the sold 2o times faster than the predecessors. Know more about iPhone 5 model here.  iPhone 5 repair  and services here. For best Price Service for iPhone Repair , please call  Belfast – 07731446515

iPhone 5 OEM ScreenWarranted

£ 39.99

Best Quality
  • New LCD DIgitizer
  • iPhone 5 Screen
iPhone 5 New Screen

Not Charging

£ 29.99

No Charge Service
  • Dock Repair
  • Faulty Charger
iPhone 5 Charge

Power Button Fix

£ 39.99

Logic Board Repair
  • iPhone 5 Power
  • Power Button Repair
Click For Repair

Genuine LCDHigh Demand

£ 59.99

Repair Service
  • Cheapest Prices
  • Quality iPhone 5 Repairs
Fast Service

iPhone 4S

iPhone Repair Prices


The well-known SIRI, the intelligent personal assistant was introduced with this model. To know more about iPhone 4S, click here. Here are our repairs and services of iPhone 4S.

4S Backlight FixMicro Soldering

£ 34.99

Super Value
  • iPhone 4s Display
  • Bo Backlight 4S
iPhone Backlight

4S Home Button

£ 24.99

iPhone 4S Home
  • Home Button Repair
  • Sticky Button
4S Home Button

4S Not Charging

£ 29.99

No Charge
  • iPhone 4s Charge
  • Charging Fault
Click For Repair

4S Battery RepairHigh Demand

£ 24.99

Repair Service
  • iPhone Battery Fix !
  • Battery Not Lasting !
Click For Fix

iPhone 4

iPhone Repair And Service Costs


You might have known that Steve Jobs touted this iPhone as the thinnest smart phone ever at the time of its release. This model garnered praise from the critics and users alike for its attractive improvements over its predecessor models. To know more about iPhone 4, click here. See our iPhone 4 repairs and services here. 

iPhone 4 RepairScreen Repair

£ 34.99

Best Value
  •  iPhone 4  Repair
  • Fix Your iPhone 4
iPhone Screen Repair

iPhone 4 Backlight

£ 34.99

New Battery Service
  • iPhone 4 backlight
  • No Display
iPhone 4 Backlight

Rear Glass Repair

£ 19.99

Logic Board Repair
  • iPhone 4 Rear
  • New Back
Click For Repair

Home Button RepairFast Fix

£ 14.99

Repair Service
  • iPhone Home Button
  • Unresponsive Button
Home Button Fix

We Offer a service to repair the iPhone logic Board, to find out more information about this service then click here : iPhone Logic Board Repair


  • iPhone LCD and Screen Repairs: You might come across an LCD or screen damage by an unfortunate accident to your iPhone. But never worry because iPhone bits is there for you to replace or repair the screen and making the device look absolutely new again! We repair all models. Best iPhone Repair Belfast
  • iPhone Liquid Damage Repair: Your iPhone device accidentally spilled with water? Well, not to worry! Bring that immediately to iPhonebits. We restore the device to its original full performance within a very short time. Liquid contact can become more damaging to the device with time. So we suggest you to bring the device repair soon after the incident.
  • iPhone Fault Detection: Are you unable to get a hang on what exactly is the problem with your iPhone? Do you want it to be solved easily? Then we are your perfect choice! Our iPhone fault detection and diagnostics help detect the problems with your iPhone and apply immediate solutions to it.
  • iPhone Charging and Syncing issues: Your iPhone troubling by not charging or syncing? It’s not a big problem. Here at iPhonebits, we detect the actual root cause for this problem and have your device repaired in a very short time. After that you would not have any kind of iPhone charging or syncing issues.
  • iPhone Battery Problems: Is your iPhone battery not able to keep the device alive for long time? iPhonebits can repair those faulty batteries and we also deal in selling genuine original iPhone batteries if your iPhone battery is completely dead. contact us for battery prices of any iPhone model.
  • iPhone Error Codes: Are the error codes turning up on your iPhone device and irritating you? Do you want to get rid of them? Well, not a problem at all. Just bring your iPhone to iPhonebits and the problem will be solved within no time at all. We have great success rate in solving the problems of error codes!
  • iPhone Headphone and Microphone Problems: Facing hearing and recording problems through and with the headphone and microphones respectively? The problem might be with the jack or socket in case of headphones. Whatever the cause of the problem might be, we shall solve it completely. Bring the device to iPhoneBits in Belfast immediately.
  • iPhone Button Repairs: There are many individual buttons on the iPhone such as power button, home button, volume/mute button and some times they suddenly stop working. It’s not a serious problem and can be easily repaired here.
  • iPhone Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Antenna Signal Problems: If your iPhone is unable to receive or transmit the signal via the different features such as wi-fi and bluetooth, the antenna might be the problem. We check the state of the antenna and solve the problem. All kinds of Wi-Fi and bluetooth issues are solved at iPhoneBits.
  • iPhone Logic Board Repair: As mentioned already, we deal with one of the most complicated issues faced by the iPhone i.e. logic board problem. This must be dealt very carefully and needs the hands of the experts. iPhoneBits assures excellent logic board repairs for all models of iPhone and return it to you with full performance. Contact us now for more details regarding iPhone logic board repairs.
  • iPhone Housing: Do you want to change your iPhone external appearance and turn it completely looking like a new model. Well, you are at the right place. Our exclusive housing service includes both front and rear case housing service making your iPhone device look brand new!
  • iPhone Backlight Repair: Backlight problems can be very irritating for the iPhone users as they know that their device is working but cannot do anything as they can’t see anything due to back light fault. iPhonebits has expert technicians who have experience in solving the backlight problems for all the iPhone models. Contact iPhonebits for backlight repair.
  • iPhone SIM Card Reader Repair: Users of iPhone may come across the SIM card detection or reading problems. This can happen because of the faulty reader or because of the slot mechanism failure. We detect the root cause and repair this problem within a very short time.
  • iPhone Camera Problems: Are you facing problems with either your iPhone front camera or rear camera? This sometimes happens because of improper handling of the device or with excessive usage. We repair all kinds of iPhone camera problems at the modest of repair problems. Contact us now for more details.
  • iPhone 5S Blue Screen of Death Repair: This is one of the most complicated problem faced by iPhone users and iPhonebits has discovered an excellent solution for this problem. Contact us now if you are facing this issue and if you want to know more about this blue screen of death problem, click here.

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