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Stress free Iphone repair Belfast

IPhone Bits Belfast performs the highest quality iPhone repair Belfast residents will find. Here, excellent work is merged with great service at an affordable price. The skilled technicians regularly service all types on iPhones, and are capable of handling any issue that might arise. But, the people at IPhone Bits Belfast go beyond merely fixing broken phones. They provide great customer service and reliable repairs. All of their customers receive a variety of perks that normally are reserved only for VIP customers. All of the work preformed is reliable, and backed by IPhone Bits Belfast. For after warrantee repair service, the rates here are among the most competitive that can be found. This is the best value available to people that need their iPhones restored to a better condition.

Service Any IPhone

IPhone Repair Bits has experience working on all models iPhones. They can take care of any problem with an original iPhone from 2007, as easily as they can repair a brand new iPhone 4S. All the parts for these models, as well as the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 are in stock. Everything, from the original camera in the first iPhone to the newest display screen for the iPhone 4S, is readily available. Having all parts available allows iPhone Repair Bits to offer the widest variety of iPhone services and quickest iPhone repair Belfast has.

Repair any Problem

The technicians here are capable of performing any repair, in addition to working on any model. Some of the services offered include:

• Screen Replacement
For any phones with cracked or damaged glass, replacing the screen is a simple repair. This is also the solution if the digitizer is not responding.

• Battery Replacement
IPhones’ batteries are notorious for their short life. Replacing a battery, or having a second charged one available can provide the power required for a long day away from a charging dock.

• Charging Dock Replacement
If the battery does not charge, the issue might be in the battery, or it could be in the charging dock. For the later issue, replacing a charging station is a fast and simple repair that will have an iPhone fully powered again soon.

• Display Replacement
Repairing the display is different from the screen, and different parts are required. However, parts for both repairs are in stock. In most cases this is a quick, same day service. This is true of all these repairs.

• Headphone Jack Replacement
If an earpiece is not functioning, then the headphone jack may need to be replaced. The technicians are well-equipped to take care of this.

• Earpiece Replacement
Instead of purchasing a new handset, replacing the earpiece can save people money. This is often much cheaper.

• Component Level Repair
Unlike many parts, a damaged component, such as a broken LCD connector or a severed connector 3, cannot simply be replaced. Although this repair requires soldering, it still can be performed quickly by skilled technicians. This is one of the more technical repairs, and entrusting it to competent hands is vital.

• Home Button Repair
A malfunctioning home button is frustrating, but fixable.

• Power Button Repair
If a phone will not turn on, the power button may be broken. However, the issue could also be a broken charging station or an overused battery that needs replacing. A knowledgeable repair person can diagnose the exact issue and address it.

• Mute Button Repair
A broken mute button almost renders an iPhone entirely useless as a phone. However, this is easily remedied.

• Loudspeaker Repair
Speakerphone is a wonderful, as long as it works. If the speaker is broken, repairing the loudspeaker will return the volume to correct levels.

Customer Service

When an iPhone is broken, it is extremely inconvenient. Depending upon the exact issue, contacts can be inaccessible or the phone may not be able to make calls. IPhones have become an extension of people, and when they die, a person’s life is greatly impacted. Not only must a broken iPhone be fixed, but it must be repaired in a timely and convenient manner.

IPhone Bits focuses on providing timely and convenient service for their customers. The large array of services and parts in stock allow them to repair almost any phone in a single day. There are few problems that require more than 24 hours; most issues can be addressed in the same day.

This quick service is also extremely convenient. For anyone within a five mile radius of IPhone Bits’ physical location, they will gladly pick up and return the iPhone. These pick up and return services are complimentary and included in any repair. This is just one way the people here can serve their customers. Alleviating some of the stress by coming to the broken phone allows people to continue their day as normally as possible.


The quality of work at IPhone Bits Belfast begins with the parts used and continues well after the work is completed. Only A-grade parts are used in the repair. These parts are as sound as the ones in the original phone; they are the best available components. The work itself is performed by skilled technicians, who have done many repairs. Phones are in capable hands here.


The quality of the services rendered is reflected in the warrantee. Every repair comes with a 30 day warrantee on the labor and a one-year warrantee on the parts. These warrantees can only be offered, because the work is reliable and will last. These warrantees provide customers with a level of comfort, but also show that the work performed is done well.


This level of service and quality of work is very affordable. Being an extremely competitive company, IPhone Bits will beat any competitor’s price. They also will include a free gel cover with every repair over £20. This is a small way to say, “Thank you.” IPhone Bits is unmatched in the level of care they provide, but their prices are reasonable. This is why Belfast residents recognize that IPhone Bits is the best value for iPhone Repair Belfast has.


For customers with a broken iPhone in the Belfast area, there are several ways to contact IPhone Bits. If there is functioning phone available, they can be called at 07731 446515. If no one is in the office, their mobile number is 08454 747 819. For those who prefer, their email address is sales@iphonbits.co.uk.

IPhone Bits is an after warrantee repair centre that can repair almost any iPhone issue. Their focus on providing convenient work during the same day speaks of their commitment to customer service. Meanwhile, their warrantees are evidence of a great confidence in the reliable work. IPhone Bits is the premier iPhone repair centre in Belfast.

iphone repair belfast