HTC Unlock Belfast – Northern Ireland

We can unlock ALL HTC mobile phones, the cost for this service is £20 below is a list of the phones we can unlock and the instruction on how to enter your code. The turn around time for HTC codes is 30 MINS  HTC unlock Belfast

We only need the IMEI and the payment, this unlock can be carried out over the phone, once the result comes back we give you the code and you enter it into your HTC for a permanent unlock, We Can unlock all the latest models including the HTC M6, HTC M7, HTC M8 And HTC M9. This service removes the network lock so you can use any sim card provider in your handset.

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Unlocking Instructions

All HTC models unlock Instruction:

1. Switch ON your  mobile phone  with a not allowed SIM Card.
2. If phone asks for your sim lock, enter the PIN code of your SIM Card
3. Now your phone will ask you to enter the unique  unlocking code for your mobile phone
4. Enter The Unlock Code that we have sent you.
5. Your phone will now  be unlocked.

If you Mobile Device has a PIN code, enter it first and make sure your Wi-Fi is turned OFF

List Of HTC Phones That We Can Unlock

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