iPhone 4 Screen and Back Panel Repair Service


Is the rear case and front screen (glass digitizer) of your iPhone 4 device worn or the glass damaged? Do you feel that it needs to be replaced? Let us make it new then! iPhone Bits Service Center in Belfast provides the users of iPhone 4 Generation device with “Rear Case  front digitizer Replacement Service” through which they can have the rear case and front screen replaced with a new and a shiny one.

The parts used in this repair, are standard quality, which carry a 90 day warranty.

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Product Description

The rear case and front screen (glass LCD)  of your iPhone 4 Generation may become worn and torn with age and excessive usage. Some reasons like accidentally dropping or getting the device in contact with the liquids may also cause the damage to the rear case and front screen of iPhone 4 Generation Device. You can have the damaged rear case and front glass replaced with a new one at iPhone Bits Service Centre in Belfast. Depending on the intensity of the damage, you can either have it repaired or replaced. Customers can either send the device to us through post to our address in Belfast or you can also bring the device to our service center in Belfast if you are in the nearby area. Please make sure that you fill in the required information in the below mentioned Data Repair Sheet and the Service Request sheet when you send us your device to us through post to get it repaired. For more iPhone 4 repairs and services, click here For more about our services, repairs, and spare part sales, visit our home page. click here Click here for Google Plus Page

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