Are you receiving no signal on your iPhone 4S mobile in spite of being in a good network coverage area? Then your mobile has a faulty antenna. Nothing to worry as iPhone Bits specializes in repairing the antennas of iPhone mobiles through antenna repair service.


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If your iPhone 4S device has a faulty trans-receiver antenna, it will be unable to pick up or detect any signals in the surrounding area though the area has good network coverage. This faulty antenna can be replaced with a new one or can be repaired and thus enabling your device to receive signals through iPhone Bits Antenna signal repair service.

Customers can either send the device to us through post to our address in Belfast or you can also bring the device to our service center in Belfast if you are in the nearby area.

Please make sure that you fill in the required information in the below mentioned Data Repair Sheet and the Service Request sheet when you send us your device to us through post to get it repaired.

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