Even some of the robust seeming software or operating system would be having some bugs or come across some glitches regularly. The Operating system of Apple, iOS 7 is no exception to that. Let us see some of those issues and how we can take care in preventing the damages caused through those bugs orRead More

Iphone 4 screen replacement, Fast turn around times, parts always in stock covering all of Belfast £60 with free gel cover

Iphone Repair in Northern Ireland Has the broken screen on your new iPhone 4 left you feeling shattered? Though we try to protect our iPhones as much as possible, sometimes accidents happen which cause the screen to break. As annoying as this can be, its not the end of the world, there is a solution!Read More

Mobile Parts And Repair Belfast

Stress free Iphone repair Belfast IPhone Bits Belfast performs the highest quality iPhone repair Belfast residents will find. Here, excellent work is merged with great service at an affordable price. The skilled technicians regularly service all types on iPhones, and are capable of handling any issue that might arise. But, the people at IPhone BitsRead More

iphone repair new price list 09.02.12

Iphone repair price list, Best in Town Here is Our latest price list as of 08/02/2012 please call for latest update, as the part prices drop we drop our repair prices to lower the cost for the customer Iphone 3g screen repair £25.00 3 months warranty and a free protective cover for your iphone IphoneRead More

How to Select the Ideal iPhone Warranty Service?

According to the SquareTrade Accidental Survey, conducted in August 2012, thirty percent of iPhone owners have damaged their phone in the last year. Seventeen percent have damaged their iPhone more than once. In fact, you are ten times more likely to damage your iPhone than to lose it or have it stolen. Having a warrantyRead More

iPhone 5 – The Most Repairable iPhone Yet

When Apple’s iPhone 5 design first went public, it looked like that the device was going to be terrifying to repair — just like its new Retina MacBook Pro. With the rear panel and the sides of the device combined into one piece, it appeared the iPhone 5 would be extremely hard to get into.Read More

Repair iPhone All By Yourself

iPhone 4 is a very popular device, well, it’s not the latest version of the iPhone available right now but still a significant amount of units of iPhone 4 are currently being used by people all around the world. iPhone 4 is still a very capable device and it can compete a lot of mediumRead More