iPhone 4 Mic Not Working During Calls

The iPhone 4 is a wonderful device and although a bit slow at processing task it is one of my favourite Apple devices, one large down fall it has is the Audio IC Compiler , this is an IC made by Audience, the IC is designed to control noise when on calls, this is why you only have an issue with your iPhone 4 mic not working  during calls, if you go into to voice memo you will notice that your iPhone 4 mic will still function as normal, so although this IC plays a big part in noise cancelation when on calls and does an excellent job, its not without its faults either.

iphone 4 mic fault

audio ic compiler

UnderStanding iPhone 4 Mic Not Working During Calls

The iphone 4 mic  fault usually starts of with the mic being the first thing you will notice to show fault, which is why we call it “iphone 4 mic fault” it then eventually gets worse and spreads to the earpiece and eventually loudspeaker, so at the minute you are probably noticing that your mic does not work during calls but if you switch to loudspeaker then people can now hear you again, this is quite normal for this fault. a good way of checking that it is your audio ic thats at fault is to go into your voice memo app and make a voice recording, if you can hear the recording then this is a sure sign that your iPhone 4 audio ic is faulty. other symptoms of this fault is crackling in the earpiece or the person you are talking with complain that you sound crackly to them, Below is a picture showing this IC on the iPhone 4 motherboard and where it is positioned on the logic board.

iphone 4 mic not working during calls

postion of iPhone 4 audio IC

Can This Be Repaired?

iPhone audio compiler ic repair service is available, we can remove this ic for you and replace it with a new one and also replaced the lead free solder with leaded solder for  a permanent  repair for the iPhone 4 mic fault. if you require and free advise about this repair then please leave a reply below and we will reply with a helpful answer.

Audio Compiler Being replaced on iphone 4