iPod Will Not Charge Or Turn On


Hello Folks, if your iPod will not charge or turn on then please lets get some help. there is quite a few reasons as to why this can happen, what we will do is go through the easiest most likely cause first to see if that cures the problem and then if it hasn’t ,if you continue to read on, then we will progress to the not so easily fixed reasons why your iPod will charge or power on,

Number One Reason iPod Will Not Charge Or Turn On

Right this is the most likely reason that your iPod will not charge or turn on and its also the easiest to fix, is  to perform a SOFT RESET, to do this hold in the power button and the home button on your iPod together for 10 seconds as pictured below.

ipod will not charge

iPod reset

This is called a SOFT RESET and is the most likely reason your iPod will not charge or connect to  iTunes, if your iPod Is now working then congratulations on fixing your iPod please leave a comment to let others know that this has worked for you.

iPod will not charge?

Ok if that did not work for you then here are some more things to check before we proceed, before this happened to your iPod, did you notice if your power button or home button where not as response as they use to be? what i`m getting at is maybe you need to press the buttons a little harder to complete the SOFT RESET, if either your power button or your home button where not working before this happened then you will need to get them repaired before you have any chance of reviving your iPod from the dead, if you need some help getting this fixed then visit this link to get a quote for repairing the fault buttons iPod repair.

iPod will not charge Or Powering On?

if you have got to this point and your iPod will not charge,  then you are not having much luck but we will not give up, lets get you some help and fast! so we now know that your iPod home button and power button are working fine and that the soft reset did not help bring your iPod back to life again, the next things you wold need to check is the dock connector on the iPod,

ipod will not charge

First of all have a look at the dock connector to see if there is any dirt blocking the charging pins or if any of the pins are damaged, if it is damaged and you need some help or advice with this or a repair carried out, then click iPod will not charge , if the pins look ok and the connector is clean and you are unaware of any previous faults with the dock then the next step would be to try a different charger and charging lead, also try connecting it to iTunes to see if it lights up or responds. if you get a response at this point but the iPod is still not working then give us a call and let us know what the fault is and  we will give you some free advise 07731446515.

iPod will  not charge?

If at this point your iPod is still not charging then there is not much you can do from this point unless you opening it up, the iPod range can be quite tricky to open without damage and only undertake this if you are confidant or don’t mind damaging your iPod. from here the next things i would be trying is first of all try replacing the battery, make sure and buy your replacement battery form a reputable place as there is a lot of dud batterys in circulation, when you get your new battery if you have a tester, put the tester on it to make sure it is reading at 3.6v if its any less then the battery will most likely not work. other things i would try is to test the fuse on the logic board of the iPod and the charging coil , for further help with this please post your progress below and i will reply with some help

Best of luck with this fault, iPod will not charge or turn on