The functionality of iPhone might become faulty when the device is brought into contact with liquids like water, coffee, or any kind of soft drinks. Apple has already announced that the organization does not cover the 1 year warranty for the liquid damaged iPhone devices. This means that any kind of service for the iPhones will not be covered by the organization if they come to know that if the device is damaged by any kind of liquids.

Apple has started installing the Liquid Contact Indicators for every released iPhone and iPod since 2006. As you might have already understood, these Liquid Contact Indicators are mainly used to detect and indicate if there is any contact of liquid or water with the respective iPhone or iPod. These Liquid Contact Indicators, shortly known as LCI are externally installed and are visible directly. These are designed in such a way that the indicator activated when they are brought into contact with a liquid or water. The designed indicator will normally be in White or Silver color. But when there is an occurrence of a liquid contact, then the indicator immediately turns into red.

The manufacturers have taken care in installing these LCIs in such a way that they are not influenced by any kind of external factors except for water and liquids. So, some of the environmental factors like changes in humidity and temperature cannot influence the indicators of LCIs.

So it is in the hands of the users to take care in preventing their iPhones to be damaged from liquids. Since, the Apple organization does not provide any warranty for liquid damaged devices; it is all the more reason for extra care. But we cannot avoid some accidents that occur without our knowledge.

For any kinds of iPhone liquid damages, it is important to find the best repair and service center for solving the problem. In the majority of the water or liquid damaged iPhone cases, the users would not have the expertise of solving or troubleshooting at home. It is advised for the users not to try anything at home as it might complicate the already aroused issue and it may even lead to permanent damage of the device.